"From my studio, I write, produce and integrate all music & sounds, from concept to mastering. It can be linear or nonlinear, interactive audio."

- Audio Director, Composer & Sound Designer for Video Games, Animated Movies, Films, Theatre, TV & media | Classical pianist, Drummer and Sound Engineer | Producer at Tattooin Beat

Rémi grew up in Paris, showing an interest in music from a very early age, beginning classical piano at the local conservatoire aged 6. In his teens he started recording and composing for local rappers before building his own music studio at the age of 20. He ran this studio for 6 years, producing singers and musicians, from many different genres including  hip hop, reggae, rock, jazz, orchestral, pop and electronic.

His experience in these different genres bring a unique fusion of music when approaching a new project. Since 2016, he has been creating music and sound  for video games and films. The video game, Ratropolis, was released in November 2019 and has won multiple awards including being one of the best selling games on Steam for 2019. Meteor  is a Sci-Fi motion comic premiering in Paris with great success. 

Rémi has been producing music and sound with professional equipment  for over 15 years. After 3 years in England, he is back in France running Tattooin Beat Studio, a unique place dedicated to audio production and musical creation located in the heart of Paris. He is fluent in both English and French. He has been working lately as the audio director on the MMORPG Kryxivia and the VR experience for theme parks Jurassic Island.

"Passionate, Organized, Creative and Hard Worker, I've been working in the audio industry for the past 15 years and in video games for the past 7. 

During all these years I learnt to find solutions, to master my craft and to go beyond my initial expertise. 

I learnt that there's nothing better than teamwork and to develop my technical skills working on game engines like Unity, Unreal Engine and Wwise.

The interaction between humans and machines fascinates me and that's why I'm actually learning the C programming language. 

I'm always open for a chat and a coffee and sharing experiences. Always looking for the next challenge... "


Remi has a strong sense of responsibility and is very kind. I am very satisfied with my business with him and could learn a lot from his exemplary conversational skills.” - SungJin H.

— Game Director at Cassel Games

Remi is an excellent sound designer. He adhered to the schedule, provided well named files, and delivered everything that we asked of him. I look forward to working with him again.” - Clinton M.

— CEO at Dream Forever

Remi was fantastic to work with. He's a talented composer and understands all genres of music. It was a real pleasure to work with him from start to finish and we got exactly what we needed.” - Bradley J.